Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...

First, I guess I should tell you a little about myself.  My husband and I have a child and one of the way.  I've never been "skinny" but there were a few years that I was in shape (working my way back there---I've lost 45 pounds so far, but then I got pregnant---still down 4 pounds from my starting weight, but that will probably change soon since I have 3 months to go).  I am a Christian and love me some Jesus...don't worry, I'm not the 'doom and gloom' Christian.  I believe that my God loves all of His children and I wish that they would all love him back...but that's another post for a later time.

OK, now onto my post...  New Year's Resolutions

Or as I like to call it, "things I will say I will work on and come Jan 2nd (ok, who am I fooling...Jan 1st) will all be a distant memory...

But really... Here are my resolutions...

1.  Become closer to God...  If I could have the faith that Tim Tebow has that would be AWESOME!

2.  Not worry about what other people think of me from my outer appearance.
          Yes, there are THOSE MOMS that will lose all of the pregnancy weight and more (and will be able to     fit into their size 1 jeans (that they make sure everyone knows they were a size 4 before they got pregnant) before they even leave the hospital) and will then 'look down on all of us 'healthy'(as the skinny people put it) moms' because OBVIOUSLY if you would have breast fed (that's a whole 'nother post---and yes, I will need a step stool to get off my high horse when I'm done with that post---so if anyone has one I could borrow, I would gladly accept it) all the weight (and more...they like to keep throwing that in your face) will come off.   But really, what does it matter if I'm a size 2 or 22?  If my child is loved and cared for and I am teaching her things and I can keep up at the park... Ok, I'm not a size 22, I'm a 14/16 (nope, don't love that, but as I stated above, I'm working on it slowly but surly).

3. Spend more time with family.
            Ok...I come from a "big" family---Yes, I only have 1 sibling, but I have about 30 first cousins (not counting their spouses) about 80 second cousins and numerous 3rd and 4th and I think even a couple 5th cousins...  Yep...big family and I LOVE IT!  We are spread out all over the country so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, but I keep up with them on Facebook and through text/calls.    But, when I say I want to spend more time with family, I mean with my husband and my child (soon to be children).  And I don't mean with our child watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, me on my laptop, and my hubby on his phone...I mean QUALITY time with just us.

4.  I want to enjoy life more.
            This is something that to do is SO easy, but can make a HUGE impact on my life.  Enjoying life for me means to enjoy the things that God gave us.  Taking my kiddo to the park (well, once Spring hits) and running around with the sun hitting us and enjoying a nice picnic and then feeding the ducks (we did this a lot---the feeding the ducks part--- this past summer/fall.  My favorite part was when my kid would start yelling at the ducks "No ducky!  No hurt him..."  Well...the other duck was not 'hurting' the duck so to speak....they each other a 'special hug' but the kid is 2 and I didn't think she needed a lesson on what was 'really happening' so I just let her yell at the 'mean ducky'.  It's those little things that make me smile :-)

5.  I want to date my husband.
           In our culture, most families rank their kids as #1 and their spouse/partner somewhere way down on the list.  My husband and my relationship ranks #2 (because my relationship with God ranks #1) and then my kid(s) come in #3...  I think this is one of the reasons why my husband and I are so close (and why most people's marriages don't work once the kids 'leave'.  I mean, think about it... if you devote all your love and attention (leaving your relationship with your partner on the back burner) until your youngest is 18/19 and moving out (and think about it, let's say you have 2 kids and they are 2 years apart---that's 20/21 years that you have NOT devoted towards your spouse), you are not going to have a clue who this person is living with you now...  SO, I want to work on dating my husband more....I love him...can you tell?  He's amazing and works very hard so that I can be a stay at home mom.

I think those 5 'resolutions' are good enough...  I'm sure there will be more, but I don't want to be too ambitious :-)

Have a great day everyone....go make someone smile today!

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