Monday, January 9, 2012

WFD week of 1/9/12

I hate having to choose what's for dinner (WFD)...HATE IT!  And it doesn't help that my wonderful hubby and I are by far some of the most indecisive people on the planet!  

But I go grocery shopping every Tuesday morning (while my daughter goes to school...pre-school that is)

SO, dinner for this week

Tonight, we (the hubs and baby---don't know how much of a baby she is since she's 2, but whatever, she's MY baby...and when the new kid gets here, that baby will be the "little baby").  But anyway, we will be eating at the basketball game.  

1/10/12  The hubs wants Steak...  so we will eat steak and probably baked potatoes and some veggie on the side...  
1/11/12  Lasagna Soup (O how I love Pinterest.  This recipe was found there.)
1/12/12  We will be eating out.  I have an OB appointment early Friday morning so my parents will be watching the baby for us :-)  yay for mommy daddy time!!!
1/13/12  Potato Soup (Yet another Pinterest find!  Did I mention I love pinterest?!?)
1/13/12  Left overs...  YUM!  

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