Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To all the parents out there.

I just want to take a moment to say, "GOOD JOB!"  As long as you are taking care of your children, that is.

There seems to be this 'great divide' between stay at home parents and working parents.  The working parents think that the stay at home parents are lazy SOBs that sit around on Facebook and Pinterest all day.  While the stay at home parents think that the working parents are neglecting their children... I mean, "why would you want someone else raising your child"?  (not my words--I do not think that working parents neglect their children)

But what neither side ever talks about is, 'we are all doing what is best for our families'.  Some families work better with one parent at home.  Others work better with both parents at work and their child(ren) at daycare or an after-school program. And other families work best with other family members watching their children while they are at work.  And any of these above family dynamics are GREAT and RIGHT...for your family!

I am a stay at home parent.  I love my job.  But, there are some times when I envy those of you who get to interact with the 'outside' world daily.  My kiddo's (the older one) face lights up each and every time my husband comes home... What a great thing to come home to---I personally love when we leave her with a sitter because when I come in the door (even if we've only been gone for an hour) her face lights up like she hasn't seen me in days!  I also am friends with many working parents.  Some of which have told me, "You're so lucky you get to stay at home."  The grass is always greener people.

SO I type all of this to say, "Good job parents!  Good job at loving your kids, at providing for your kids, and showing your kids that no matter what, you will always do what is best for them...and your family."

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