Saturday, July 28, 2012

Polka Dot cake

Ok, so this isn't exactly a "round" polka dot turned out more like just random splotches of color :-)  Probably because I didn't use the cake ball maker, I used my cake pop maker...yes ladies and gentlemen, there IS a difference!  (Yep, I didn't know either).

Anywho, this is how I made my cake!

Ok, first I started out with WHITE cake mix (I had two boxes)

I mixed the first box as the directions said...then put about 1/3 of a cup of the batter in each of these little cups and colored them the colors I wanted *you will have a lot left over...I saved that for the next part--I add the rest of this batter to my next box if I use a white cake mix for the cake could totally make cupcakes or just throw this part out*

Now, bake your cake balls/pops
While those are cooking, mix the other box of cake mix (I did white cake again, but you could totally use whatever kind you want---I've also made a Chocolate cake with colored blobs...turned out cute...)

Next, after the balls/pops are cooked (they do not need to be cooled, but don't burn yourself!) Pour enough batter into your pans (I used 2 9 inch round ones) to cover the bottom...then add some cake balls/pops to it

I also added some to the sides of my pan (you will notice that some look odd, that's because with the pops pan, it makes them too tall, so I cut them in 1/2 but if you just used cake balls, you would just put the whole ball in.  After you have all the balls/pops you want in there, pour the rest of the batter over the pops  (sorry, forgot to take a picture)  And Bake...  with the cake balls in it, the cooking time may be a little off, so just keep checking it as it gets closer to time.  (I have this nifty thing that goes around my pans that makes the cake not have that round keeps it flat... I don't have any idea what it's called!  Sorry...but it's sold at Michaels)

Now that it's cooked, cut off the top to make sure it's perfectly even (since I used the left over cake batter from the pops, my cake was huge and rounded up once it got passed the top of the pan LOL)

Place on whatever serving dish you are going to be using (my cake carrier is in my car and I'm too lazy to go get it so I just used a plate)

Put some Icing on the top

Top with the next layer

Ice it and add sprinkles (Ok, you don't HAVE to put sprinkles, but I'm a redneck and well, sprinkles and glitter make everything better :-D)  

Cut it open and enjoy the Ooooooo's and Ahhhhhhhh's  Just be are probably going to be asked to make this for a b-day part...or 5!

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