Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bath Time Fun

Ok, so ALL OVER the internet there have been pictures of kids in the bathtub with glow sticks...  Great Idea...unless you're me!  For some reason, I have this issue with using glow sticks...  I can't handle the fact that they will be used for a short period of time in the tub but still have HOURS and HOURS of "glow time" in my trash...  also, I just can't justify using new sticks each and every night (once my kid likes something, she likes it to death LOL).

I was in Walmart (gasp, I know) the other day and a bunch of their pool supplies are going on sale!!!  I always look (nope, we don't have a pool, but I keep hoping that someday....) and found those little floating things that go in the pool at night :

Before those, bath time was boring:

NOW IT'S A BLAST AND AND AND AND AND....I can REUSE them many many many many times!!! 

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